Tank Warfare!

This update enables units to enter tanks and to use them to shoot at their enemies! A lot of development time went into the preparation of future features like movable vehicles, enemy vehicle assaults and troop transporters which should significantly improve the variety of the content generator.


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Apr 07, 2019

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Good job Shifty, is it possible to play after the update for free or do i have to pay now first? :)

Thank you! The game made a lot of progress in recent weeks and is not available for free anymore as it is finally leaving the prototype state. This is actually the last version of the game that will still only cost 5 €. The next version will already cost the full price of 12,99 € and also launch on Steam in Early Access. The next version will include the intro to the game, a story preview for Mission 2 and Mission 3 as well as a little more content for Mission 1! I hope you stick around! Oh ... if you buy the game on itch.io I'll make sure to provide you with a Steam key :)