April Update!

A lot has changed since the last major update in February! I added a Load-Out System that enables units to find and equip new gear.  The Updated UI replaced the ugly old menus and buttons. I tracked down a nasty crash with the help of the community in the Stability Update. I introduced Character Armor and Enemy Tanks into the game and improved them in the Tank Warfare! update. The newest update continues to focus on tanks but also introduces a new logo and the first video sequence of the game!

The latest update includes:

  • added a tank movement ability
  • added an intro sequence to the first mission of the game
  • interacting with chests puts old gear in the chest
  • improved Quest conditions, making it easier to place and trigger quests
  • added 'In Development' Symbol for every feature that is currently deactivated
  • added descriptions to mission 2 and 3 to the main menu
  • improved scalability of the main menu 
  • added destructible objects to the game, that can only be destroyed with indirect damage


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Apr 18, 2019

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