February Update!

February was an exciting month for this project! 6 updates drastically improved the look and feel of the game and added a significant amount of content to it! The new cover system introduced hit probabilities to the game. I completely reworked the content generator and this enabled me to create quests where the player gets ambushed.

I created a weapon system that enabled me to introduce weapons like the shotgun into the game. New animations like grenade tossing, revive, kick, melee attack were introduced into the game.

The new weapons and animations enabled me to create new enemy types. I additionally changed the color grading of the game to make the colors more vibrant.

This months last update includes and a new damage system, new abilities  and a new health balancing.

  • added randomness and critical hits to the damage system
  • the amount of damage dealt is displayed as a floating number
  • adjusted the health of all units
  • added a kick ability that stuns your enemy
  • added an ability to immobilize the enemy
  • added tool tips for abilities
  • added a main menu
  • wrote the outline of the story for the first mission


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Feb 27, 2019

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